woensdag 19 juni 2013

hey guys! 

Long time ago... i know i know but... it's almost vacation and i got a good story for everyone!

Katy Perry was on the cover from vogue, she looked like Snow White but she shares her beauty secret.
Her makeup is done by a visagist, but she has done the rest by herself.
She takes the brush for her eyebrows and lashes while the visagist is bussy with her hair.

When she is done, the visagist takes fake eyelashes and but a couple on (the little one) so her eyelashes are fuller. 

This is the cover from vogue... look how pretty she is! damn!

another new thing, you know the M.A.C Rihanna edition, did you know that someone complain about it?

A girl that bought the lipstick from the Rihanne edition complaint that she have the herpes virus. M.A.C uses old bottles where they put their lipsticks in, and a girl that bought it had the herpes virus, the bottle from the lipstick was used before she bought it.

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