maandag 25 maart 2013

The summer is coming and its time for some clothes changes,
Maby is the summer here in Holland a littlebit late but better late then never...

A lot of colours is totally it this summer so i want to give you some shots of self made clothes and stuff...
Dresses are always nice, when you want to go to the beach or just walking around with your girlfriends, so I made a small list with summe items...

This is the first look, its chique but same really fresh, its just for warm wetter but when its colder you can put a jacket over it, tou can wear it all time when you are going oud and just when you are shopping or something else, if you don't like high heels you can choose for some sneakers or lower heels...
whatch this:

With the sneakers and the jacket its perfect for colder wetter and when you dont like high heels and stuff. it is still chique and fresh. that something you can combine with almost everything.
my next look is really when its summer a beautifull dress.. you can choose long or short its both good and not really warm. good for a relaxed day at the beach.
those 2 dresses are perfect for going to the beach, with your bikini under ir, its simple to throw it out, or keep it on when your not sure of it. those are really beutifull. Like you are coming out of your bed you dont have time to put on some clothes beceause you really need to go, put on a dress like this and you are beautifull for the rest of the day.

you can choose for a long dress as well, you look just as pretty.
take a look:

Its not really my syle, but everyone gots a different style, its really comfort, not warm but still really good for going to the beach, you can wear under it everything u want.

Still really cool is a jumsuite, didn't you bought someone last summer? you got still a change, because this summer its still hot! yea buddy! so take your last summer jumsuite and wear it!

Somethimes you are jealous about the people who are brown and like they spent so many hours in the sun, it cant be possible. More then the half of the girls our age are using tanningspray or creme, tanning spray or creme can give you a perfect brown summerlook!
But.... if you want to use tanning spray/creme whats it! be carefull with it before u know you are orange. but still it does work. With my legs in the sun.... they are still as white as milk, that is the only thing that won't change of colour so I used tanning creme only for my legs, then I got a beautifull brown body with brown legs.

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